Food & U – Chilli Oil

Food & U – Chilli Oil

Review by Greg Wagenmakers

Product: Food & U – Chilli Oil

Location of Manufacture: Unkown

Ingredients: rice bran oil, fresh red chillis

Review: Upon taking this bottle out of the package I thought I had received something special. The oil is presented beautifully in a smooth almost flowing bottle, almost indicative of the velvet like liquid inside. The colour of the oil is gorgeous; a deep translucent red. I couldn’t wait to try it.

I went to a lovely restaurant in a town called Yungaburra in the mountains west of Cairns and took this lovely oil for a trip. Braised brisket and bruschetta was ordered and a drizzle of this oil was the perfect accompaniment. Although the brisket was tender due to its 10 hour cooking process, the oil just made the experience that much more enjoyable by adding moisture and a subtle hint of chilli.

The heat from the oil, is very mild, perhaps 2/10 and the flavour is hardly noticeable. Therefore it can be added to most foods without detracting from the native flavours.

I highly recommend trying this oil. I’d give the oil an 8/10 for having in my pantry.