Fenglehorn- Sweet Chilli Sauce- Jalapeño

Fenglehorn- Sweet Chilli Sauce- Jalapeño

Reviewed by Greg Wagenmakers
Product – Fenglehorn- Sweet Chilli Sauce- Jalapeño
Location – Edmonton, Qld, 4869
Ingredients – Chilli, vinegar, sugar, garlic, citrus


All the way up in hot and humid Far North Queensland we have Mike from Fenglehorn, who has combined his passion for food and knowledge of business to create a fantastic chilli sauce company.

First off the list is a jalapeño sweet chilli sauce. The fragrance from the bottle is quite refreshing and the flavour is deliciously sweet. I concur with the blurb on the bottle whereby it is suggested that this sauce is suitable as a dipping sauce. There is no doubt that this sauce would go equally well with a tub of Philly cheese and some bikkies.

The sauce is so sweet, it is almost a jam! I have had this sauce with pork sausages, chicken pieces and spaghetti bolognaise and it just works wonders. Although I have not yet tried it with fish, I could not see how it wouldn’t also go with a pan fried or even crumbed fish.

Essentially, anywhere that a typical sweet chilli sauce is used, this would make for a wonderful substitute, but adds a refreshing jalapeño ‘zing’ to it.

I’m not far away from Mike at Fenglehorn, which is great as the bottle only 25% full now. I may have to pay him a visit.

For flavour, I give the sauce an 8/10 and for heat, a 3 or 4/10.


Greg Wagenmakers