Dingo Sauce Co – Sweet Chilli

Dingo Sauce Co – Sweet Chilli

Review by Greg Wagenmakers

Product: Dingo Sauce Co- Sweet Chilli

Location of Manufacture: Freemantle, Western Australia

Ingredients: chilli, brown sugar, cider vinegar and sea salt.

Review: Western Australia produces some great chilli products and in the upper echelons of tasty sauces can sit this delicious sweet chilli sauce, winner of the 2017 Mr Chilli Awards, ‘sweet’ category: Dingo Sauce Co- Sweet Chilli.

This sauce is so sweet, it could be thought of as a barely runny jam. Its consistency is very thick, so thick in fact that it needed some encouraging from the bottle with the handle of a teaspoon. It complimented the savoury flavours of my sausages and rissoles very well. The element of the sauce that really impressed me were the seeds. The bottle is literally filled with seeds and usually, I would find them a distraction but as I wasn’t being overwhelmed by an inferno in my mouth, I found the seeds to be a beneficial texture, making the whole experience more enjoyable.

Since this is such a sweet sauce, I would be very inclined to add it to a turkey, chicken or pork dish, where cranberry or apple sauces are usually applied. This sauce offers a sweet contrast and a mild hit of heat, adding another dimension to the whole experience.

For flavour, this sauce gets an 8/10 (some may find it a bit too sweet) and for heat, I’d give it a 4/10.