Chilli Thai beef salad

Chilli Thai beef salad

Review by Terese Hanna

Product: Chilli Thai beef salad

Location: Kinn Thai Resturant, Castle Towers

Ingredient: Mint, Corrainder, Shallots, Cucumber, Beef, Fresh Chillis with a signature Thai dressing.

Review: Holy Moly … Well thats one way to suprise your taste buds ! Now this clearly is no ordinary and basic tomato, lettuce and cucumber salad, yet it is more a creative combination of flavours formulating an interesting type of salad.

This Chilli Thai beef salad is deffinetly the hottest salad i have ever had. I took my friend along with me to experience this dish, and it left us both searching for water as our mouths were on FIRE ! The ingredients within this salad were so tasty, balancing out all the flavours, with the beef so soft, and that signature thai dressing adding to make that special flavour.

Although this is a creative salad and the ingredients within in the dish compliment eachother well, in my opinion it was just too chilli that it took away the fresh flavours of the salad. I deffineltly recommend this to chilli dish to extreme heat lovers, but for those who do not handle chilli too well, i suggest you choose a different dish ! On my heat scale, i rate it a 9 out of 10.

Verdict: The food at Kinn Thai Resturant is deffinetly worth a visit, as their flavours continue to suprise me ! Although this dish had amazing flavours and a special dressing, i do only reccomend it to extreme heat lovers as the chilli is very overpowering. For me i rate it overall a 7.5 out of 10, extremely tasty yet just abit overpowering with heat.


Chilli Thai beef salad