Chief Bar: Grass fed beef, Almond and Cranberry bar

Chief Bar: Grass fed beef, Almond and Cranberry bar

Review by Greg Wagenmakers

Product: Chief Bar: Grass fed beef, Almond and Cranberry bar

Location of Manufacture: Bondi, NSW

Ingredients: Australian Grass Fed Beef (77%), Almonds, Dried Cranberries (5%), Vinegar, Tamari (Soy), Salt, Natural Brown Sugar, Cayenne Chillies (1.5%), Food Acid (Lactic Acid), Spices, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder.

Review: From the outset, I was suitably impressed by Chief’s Beef, Almond and Cranberry bar. The package was rather small but attention to quality was paid as a moisture absorber was packed within the wrapper. This can only suggest quality and that the manufacturers want their product to be as fresh and as enjoyable as possible.

As someone who has had their fair share of protein bars, drinks, shakes and anything else the fitness industry tries to tempt consumers with, I was more than willing to give Chief’s Beef, Almond and Cranberry bar a go. Typical protein bars are usually bland and dry. One usually consumes them for a convenient source of protein rather than how it tastes. Essentially the focus is on what it can do for the consumer rather than satisfying a particular craving.

Chief’s Beef, Almond and Cranberry bar is a perfect addition to the available protein bar market. It satisfies a convenient source of protein as well as delivering a satisfactory flavour at the same time.

The texture was a little different to what I expected. I assumed it would be more of a jerky texture, tough and chewy. However, the bar was quite moist and easy to chew. It was almost as though it was the inside of a quality gourmet sausage, rolled out and cut into shape. The chilli sensation was present, as was the slight sweetness from the cranberry.

The ‘Chief’ product line boasts ‘Natural Wholefood’ and the bars are a great source of iron, are very low in sugar, high in vitamin B12, high in natural protein and do not possess any preservatives or chemicals due to the 100% grass fed beef having no hormones.

If you are someone searching for a protein bar with a difference and value the nutrients and macronutrients you consume, look up https://eatlikeachief.com and try them out.

For flavour I would give this bar a 7/10. Heat wise, there is none.





Greg Wagenmakers