Fenglehorn- Sweet Chilli Sauce – Cayenne

Fenglehorn- Sweet Chilli Sauce – Cayenne

Reviewed by Greg Wagenmakers

Product – Fenglehorn- Sweet Chilli Sauce- Cayenne

Location – Edmonton, Qld, 4869

Ingredients – Chilli, vinegar, sugar, garlic, ginger, herbs, fish sauce and citrus


I will start off by saying this sauce is essentially what a sweet chilli sauce should be like. Seriously. Rarely do sweet chilli sauces have a good kick blended with a delicious sweet flavour. Fenglehorn sweet chilli sauce cayenne solves that. I enjoyed this sauce so much that there is literally none left in the bottle as you’ll see from the image.

Each element is fantastic- the heat, flavour and texture. The heat is more than one would usually expect from a sweet chilli sauce. Cayenne chilli aren’t typically known for their heat, but if they’ve been dehydrated or stressed whilst growing, the water content is less, thereby concentrating the capsaicin content. I presume that that is what Fenglehorn has done, or just a copious supply of chillis were used! I really enjoyed the sweet jam‘ish’ flavour, however the texture was not too solid and poured from the bottle easily. There were little chunks of seeds that accumulated at the bottom of the bottle towards the end, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I liked getting a bit of seed and biting it to get another kick of heat. This may not be everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ but I’m sure they’ll get over it as the seeds won’t really be recognised when accompanying the meal.

Fenglehorn sweet chilli sauce cayenne belongs in every chilli or spice fan’s fridge. It complimented every meat that I tried including pork, beef, lamb and chicken. It even went well in a spaghetti bolognaise.

If you see it in a shop or market, do yourself a favour and get onto it and get ‘it’ into you!

For heat, I would give it a 7 and for flavour, I’d give it a solid 9.


Greg Wagenmakers