The Spice Factory – Caribbean BBQ Rub

The Spice Factory – Caribbean BBQ Rub

Review by Greg Wagenmakers

The Spice Factory – Caribbean BBQ Rub

Location: Morisset, NSW

Spices and dehydrated vegetables, sugar, salt, soy sauce powder, herbs, canola oil, citric acid, paprika oleoresin


This delicious rub from The Spice Factory possess a delicious flavour with a nice dose of heat to add a bit of pizazz to any dish. This rub has a great balance of savoury and sweet flavours. I wasn’t able to pin point any particular herb or spice individually, but as a whole this rub makes for a fantastic coating on chicken, lamb or beef. It would make for a lovely base for a marinade due to its strong and robust flavour.

The rub has a fine consistency, except for the chilli seed and as such could be used to dust vegetables or even a salad to add a bit of spice. Used sparingly, it will not dominate the dish but could work well with most dressings.

An idea I had for this rub was to coat some camembert cheese in it and fry it, where the spice would be offset by the creamy goodness of the cheese.

I really enjoyed the Caribbean BBQ rub and it is a welcome addition to my pantry.

For flavour I give it an 9/10 and for heat, it gets a 6/10.

Greg Wagenmakers