Burning Taste buds: Cajun Chilli Salt

Burning Taste buds: Cajun Chilli Salt

Review by Greg Wagenmakers

Product: Burning Taste buds: Cajun Chilli Salt

Location of Manufacture: Cloverdale, W.A.

Ingredients: Mild/Hot Chilli, Salt, Smoked Paprika, Onion, Garlic, Black Pepper and Sugar

Review: Burning Taste buds has created a chilli salt that could pretty much go with anything. Salt is the primary ingredient of any seasoning and this salt certainly added a welcome flavour to my vegetables, steak and pasta dishes. It has a slight aroma but the flavour of the smoked paprika and onion are easily identifiable when has on its own. When added to a dish, these main flavours aren’t so much at the forefront as the salt is clearly the hero in this condiment. I would like the paprika and the onion to have more of a presence. This is for 2 reasons, ultimately to set it aside from the ‘salts’ that are available in copious supplies and 2 to let the spices have their own voice, rather than being overshadowed by the salt. That being said, the product is a chilli salt, where salt is the main noun. I just see this as a promising condiment amongst a lot of competition.

This product deserves a taste. It can be added to anything that you typically add salt to. For flavour, I’d give it a 7. For heat, I give it a 3. It would be tolerated by a chilli novice and for those ‘seasoned’ chilli heads, just add more.

Greg Wagenmakers