Spice Factory – Brazilian Rub

Spice Factory – Brazilian Rub

Reviewed By Greg Wagenmakers

Spice Factory – Brazilian Rub

Location: Morisset, NSW

Paprika, salt, allspice, pepper, chilli, garlic, cumin, onion, ginger, parsley, spearmint, cinnamon, coriander.


This rub is delicious. It is no wonder that this rub achieved a 2nd place in the 2018 Mr Chilli awards. The focus on it is most certainly flavour as the mild heat does not interfere with the glorious balance of herbs and spices. The composition of flavours are so well married that no flavour dominates (except salt), but can be individually identified if one is so inclined. I must be honest however, I would not have recognised the presence of spearmint or cinnamon had I not looked at the ingredient list. But when seeking something you know is there, the flavours can be detected.

I think I will be adding this rub to most of my dishes until the packet runs out. This is really good stuff and I cannot think of anything that it would not harmonise with. It could be used as a coating, a dust, a marinade or a rub. It is a really versatile spice mix.

For flavour I give this mix a 9/10 and for heat it gets a 1/10.

Greg Wagenmakers