Bing’s Peppers Worcestershire

Bing’s Peppers Worcestershire

Reviewed by Greg Wagenmakers
Product – Bing’s Peppers Worcestershire
Location – Vinegar, sugar, molasses, apples, chilli, spices
Location – Mt Isa, Qld


As a fan of Worcestershire sauce anyway, it should come as no surprise that this sauce is also seriously good. What’s more is that chilli is included! What more could a chilli lover want? Bing’s Worcestershire sauce has the typical savoury flavour but the added chilli, complimented by the spiced molasses just makes this sauce so much better than a standard off the shelf variety of Worcestershire. The ingredient list states that there is apple present, but I was unable to pinpoint its presence. Having said that, perhaps it is blended in with the sweetness of the sugar and molasses.

Like any right minded person, this sauce was begging to be tried with bacon and eggs. If you’re a fan of Worcestershire on your hot breakfast, then you must get onto this sauce and give it pride and place in your fridge. Its delicious, really delicious. Tonight, I’ll be having this sauce with spaghetti bolognaise and it will no doubt be excellent.

This sauce will make a fantastic substitute for a regular Worcestershire sauce but has a neat little kick to it.

What I loved about this sauce was that since it was runny, it penetrated the entire meal and therefore was able to be enjoyed throughout its entirety.

For flavour, I give the sauce an 8/10 and for heat, ‘maybe’ a 3.

Well done Bing’s.


Greg Wagenmakers