Bangladesh, International Cuisine, Vegetarian


Classic Bangladesh street food.




For dough:
1 and ½ cups plain Flour
1 tbls Semolina
½ tsp Salt
1  tsp Talmakhana
Oil for deep fry

For stuffing:
200 gm dried Peas
1 cup Potato diced boiled
1 tbls roasted Cumin powder
100gm Onion finely sliced
4 Green Cayennes sliced thin
¼ bunch Coriander leaves chopped
Black salt

For Tamarind water:
50 gm Tamarind
1 tsp fried Cumin powder
4 dried Red chillies
2 tsp Sugar
Black salt


  1. First soak Talmakhana in water for 10-15 minutes, then dissolve Salt with Talmakhana’s water, Flour and Semolina. Knead and make smooth dough.
  2. Divide the dough 6 equal balls and roll balls into flat thin bread. Cut the bread with biscuit cutter. Roll rest of balls same way.
  3. Place fry pan on medium heat. Don’t make oil too hot. Fry the fuska shells on medium heat otherwise the shells won’t be crisp.
  4. Soak Peas overnight and boil with Salt.
  5. Drain Peas mix with Potato, roasted Cumin, Chillies, Coriander, Onion and black Salt.
  6. Soak Tamarind half hour with one cup water. Fry the Chillies and crush them.
  7. Add crushed Chillies, Salt, Cumin powder and Sugar in Tamarind water.
  8. Now make hole in fuska shells and insert Pea stuffing .
  9. Make 8-10 of them and serve in a plate with Tamarind water.