International Cuisine, Sambauan



  • 40 gms Spanish Onion peeled
  • 175 gm Red Cayenne Chillies seedless
  • 20 gm Red Capsicum
  • 65 gm Tomatos
  • 2 gm Salt
  • 8 gm of Brown Sugar
  • 70 ml Rice Bran oil
  • 10 ml Lime juice
  • 8 gm Belchan ,roasted shrimp paste (optional)



  1. Peel the Onions. Then cut the Chillies and Capsicum in half and throw away the seeds. Cut Tomato into four, then into thin slices.
  2. Get your mortar and pestle ready to grind all the ingredients together. Grind harder at first to make sure you crush the chillies down then you can throw in slices of the Capsicum and the salt. Continuing working pestle until the mixture turns powdery. Then add the Tomatoes. Once everything looks like a powder, heat it up your Oil. If you can. When it’s hot enough, add in all the mashed ingredients and wait until it’s all cooked.
  3. Once it’s finished, add more Salt, and the roasted shrimp paste if you are using, and the Brown Sugar. Stir until everything is evenly mixed, then add the Lime juice. Stir it again and serve.