Huffmans Hot Wings




Crust ingredients:
1kg chicken wings
150g self-raising flour
15g cornflour
1 tsp smoked paprika
1 pinch of salt
1 pinch of onion and garlic powder


Place dry ingredients into a large bowl and stir well with a whisk to distribute evenly. Place half the flour preparation into another bowl large enough to hold all the wings. Add the chicken wings and thoroughly dredge them in the flour to coat liberally all over Leave for 5 minutes
Mix again, adding more flour mixture, if required, to separate and coat the wings

Half fill deep fryer baskets and shake to remove excess flour from wings. Deep fry in batches until well coloured, crispy and just cooked.
Drain well and cool.

Coating  butter ingredients:
3 tbsp Butter – melted and cooled to room temperature
3 tbsp Huffman’s Original Chilli Pepper Not-Too-Hot Sauce
1 clove of garlic– peeled and roughly chopped


Blend the garlic with some of the Huffman’s Chilli Pepper Hot Sauce until smooth.
With blender running, add butter slowly to emulsify, then add your remaining Huffman’s Chilli Pepper Hot Sauce.
Portion your prepared chicken wings and deep fry as required until they turn golden brown and float.
Keep a medium sized stainless bowl in a warm place to melt coating butter


Place 3 tablespoons coating butter in the stainless bowl and add cooked wings. Toss together making sure the chicken is drowning in the coating butter
Place wings into a serving bowl using tongs to minimize excess coating butter. Garnish with fresh cucumber batons.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]